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Most Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on what you need. We do not offer cookie-cutter programs or services so each plan is custom built. That being said most of our plans cost anywhere from $200-$3000 and last anywhere from month to a year

Everybody is different. Everybody will work at a different pace. If you follow your plan you should start to feel results in a couple weeks and will visibly see results after about 6-8 weeks.

We can never guarantee your success as it will greatly depend on your ability to be disciplined and consistent. That being said, we minimize your financial risk by offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with our services.

I have coached hundreds of people in different capacities. In this time I have had 3 people quit their program early. Two were due to financial stress from losing work. The other was due to “personality differences.” Hyde Fitness Consulting is proud to help people who want the help and want to learn. If I don’t feel like we are the best fit for you.. I will happily refer you to someone else.

Meal plans are simply tools. If we feel it would be the BEST tool for you to utilize, we will recommend one. Most of the time we tend to avoid strict meal plans as they’re not a sustainable solution for the majority of people.

All of our clientele have access to their individual training plans via our training app

There are two main differences between Hyde Fitness Consulting and other trainers. First, we focus on teaching you HOW to fix problems vs just telling you WHAT to do. Second, we address the root cause for those problems over making the symptoms feel better. 

An example of this is John Doe who suffers from back pain. He hires a conventional personal trainer who tells him to do deadlifts and massage his back. At first his back feels better but after a couple weeks John hurts himself doing the exercise his trainer told him to do and is in more pain than he was. On top of that, the massages he’s been getting only relieve his pain temporarily now. John is fed up and decides to get more help through Hyde Fitness Consulting. We guide John on which exercises will help him increase strength in his back and make sure he understands how to execute them properly even on his own. We then sit down with John and consult him on a protocol he can follow to relieve chronic pain. After about 3 months John still feels tightness where his pain was in his back, however, he is able to move confidently and exercise without pain.

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