Melanie's Testimonial

Melanie is a Boss B****
She didn’t trust me at first…
She questioned everything I told her even though she wasn’t happy where she was.
But the proof is in the protein powder.. lol (not literally)
Really, all it took for Melanie was trusting the process and committing to it.
This is the biggest problem I’m seeing currently… being indecisive
Watching some workout videos and reading some diet articles mean nothing if you haven’t fully committed to it.
You’ll just continue to be unhappy and unsatisfied.
In reality… you MUST fully commit to YOURSELF not just the workout or the diet.
This means you’re willing to do whatever it takes.
This means you’re actually wanting to make a lifestyle change not just follow a plan someone told you to do.
It takes effort.. yes.
It takes work.. yes.
It’s not easy.. yes.
It’s worth it af….. YES.
Just ask Melanie.
So if you’re ready to commit to YOU.
Send me a message.
We can hop on a free strategy call and get you on track with your goals.
If not that’s fine too.
Just don’t continue doing it half-way cause you’ll never be happy.

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Hyde Fitness Consulting Testimonials

Noel is one of the hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

She mentioned that “I’ve always been on the heavier side and struggled with my weight. Mentally I was not in a good place, I was very down on how I felt about myself.  Through this journey I’m in a lot better place mentally.  I like who I am and kind of feel like I’ve found a different person”.

I introduced her and her husband to a flexible eating plan to cut out any yo-yo dieting.   It was very structured and they liked that.  I helped her with how to manage her stress, gave them some challenging workouts and helped create a plan that they were excited to implement.  In the initial 4 months Noel has lost 25lbs, and dropped 2 pant sizes!

Hyde Fitness Consulting Testimonials

“I came to Lucas hoping to slim down and learn how to weight train without bulking up and the results were AMAZING!  Lucas was so helpful in creating a nutrition and exercise plan that fit my needs, and he was so good about adjusting plans if I had any concerns or problems.   I never expected to like weightlifting but it is now my favorite type of workout.   If you show up everyday ready to put 100% Lucas will push you and make sure you get RESULTS!  I feel so much stronger, but I don’t feel like I bulked up.  I have so much more energy and I actually get excited to workout now.”

“And Julia should be flippin’ proud of herself! I trained her for a few months and she is without a doubt one of the hardest working people I’ve had the privilege to support on her journey.” – Lucas Hyde

Hyde Fitness Consulting Testimonials

“I have lost 3 pant sizes and have gone from size large to size small. I am thrilled with what I have accomplished so far and can’t wait to keep going.” – Kendell

“LET ME JUST BRAG on Kindell… She’s been killing the game the past couple months.  Even at only an 8 LB difference your body can TRANSFORM so much if you’re willing to just trust the process and put in the work. 

If you’re interested in seeing RESULTS like Kindell in 90 days lets get started.

Hyde Fitness Consulting Testimonials

James started his transformation journey with us in August of 2019 at 240 lbs after working hard on his own for 9 months to drop from 255.  After another 9 months of working with Hyde Fitness Consulting, consistently being coached, he was down to 202 and feeling great.  53 lbs down from his heaviest!

Lucas coached James thru Covid 19 and he’s super excited where he is going next.   James started “75 hard”, a special plan where he and Lucas work out more strenuously, develop mental toughness, drink a gallon of water each day and focus on diet with no cheats.

Why?   Why does anyone need to do this?  Because we know our struggles and want to conquer them.

Hyde Fitness Consulting Client Review

Christine was not a “normal” client.

Christine had the benefit of going through a short boot camp with me and then following a plan on her own. (Yes we can make a custom program and nutrition strategy if you can do the follow through part.) Her original goal was to lose weight so she signed up for my 6 week boot camp where we were able to make the transformation you see here. She was then able to build up her strength by simply following the plan we laid out for her.

All she had to do was show up every day!

Hyde Fitness Consulting Client Review

“I feel smaller, my clothes are looser, my skin is looser, and I look a bit smaller in the pix.”

Candy (61) came to me after recently going through a divorce. She, of course, wanted to lose some weight but more importantly wanted to decrease pain in her knees. By the time we finished working together she was able to bike over 35 miles non-stop. Sometimes the transformation is less about looks and more about performance, especially in those golden years.


Our system will help you achieve the results you’ve been fighting towards if you are all in. When you hire a personal trainer with Hyde Fitness Consulting, you’ll get a system that is custom fit to help you meet your goals.

While we would love to tell you we have the magic solution that will allow you to snap your fingers and be in the best shape of your life, we wouldn’t lie to you. Results are dependent on you. How bad do you want to reach your goals? Are you willing to put in the work? Are you committed? If you are truly ready to change your life, we promise to give you the tools you need to find success.

We want the process to be as seamless and realistic as possible. That’s the best way to help you reach and maintain your goals. Creating an effective plan means evaluating your lifestyle, finding ways to improve your habits and routine, and building a program that you’ll stick with until you reach your goals.

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